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vb: pret, ptp vt merchandise, merchandise → verkaufen (sb sth, sth to sb jdm etw, etw an jdn); insurance policy policy → abschließen (to mit); (organization) products → verkaufen, absetzen; I was marketed this in Valencia → guy hat mir das in Valencia verkauft; the guide sold three,000 copies → von dem Buch wurden three.000 Exemplare verkauft; he could sell a fridge to an Eskimo → er könnte einem Eskimo einen Eisschrank andrehen (inf) → or aufschwatzen (inf); to sell insurance policy (for any residing) → Versicherungsvertreter(in) m(f) → sein; to sell a single’s lifetime dearly → sein Leben teuer verkaufen; he marketed himself into the enemy → er hat sich an den Feind verkauft; to sell one’s system → seinen Körper verkaufen; to sell a single’s soul to anyone/anything → jdm/einer Sache seine Seele verschreiben; modern-day gentleman has marketed his soul → der moderne Mensch hat seine Seele verloren; What exactly are you selling it for?

And How can you clean up a rest room, in any case? We will operate it down right into a streamlined method that appears easy plenty of to tackle and quickly gratifying. As soon as you start, you will not want to stop until eventually The full house is spick and span.

If It can be sufficiently small, throw it from the washer and let it air dry. If It really is a bigger rug or carpet, shake it out outside, vacuum it, after which cleanse it by click here for more using a carpet cleaner.

As more people arrive on the net, the most simple jobs—like likely out to the industry to sell make—will come to be far more efficient.

Polish the Wooden household furniture. Like glass cleaner, home furnishings polish just isn't intended to generally be a cleaner. However, it can be used for cleaning. If you'd like to make use of home try these out furniture polish, make sure to meticulously go through the labels and locate one particular manufactured specifically for what you would like.

He fetched me a good sum, also, for I purchased him low-priced of a man that was 'bliged to sell out; so I noticed six hundred on him.

View Photograph · Green Bay Packers @packers 14h “Now getting the #SaluteToService recreation, I obtained two sport balls to go give equally of these. So it’s a blessing everything worked out.”

12. (Banking & Finance) finance to sell securities or merchandise check out here without the need of owning them in anticipation of shopping for them right before shipping and delivery at a lower price

I fan della cantante la definirono una che si svende for each il successo commerciale quando accettò un contratto con un'importante etichetta discografica.

He picked up the sell from the straw-strewn barn-flooring, snelly sneaked up driving her and sleekly slung it about her swire though scryingː "dee, dee ye fooking quhoreǃ".

The Workplace could list a community e-mail deal with or provide a variety right to the member's Web-site. The U.S. House of Associates doesn't give a listing of public e-mail addresses for that elected Associates.

sell, trade, deal - do business enterprise; provide for sale as for a single's livelihood; "She promotions in gold"; "The brothers sell shoes"

If your mates are willing to aid, cleansing with pals may help move enough time, and provides you anyone to talk to As you clean up house.

obtain and sell v exprverbal expression: Phrase with Unique meaning functioning as verb--as an example, "set their heads alongside one another," "come to an stop."

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